Glandular Failure-Caused Obesity


I inherited the fat making genes. I decided that I would fight off my genetic inheritance. My success involves my recent education about what science truly knows about the making and losing of fat. The consequence of living within a profit driven health care system makes this scientific information largely inaccessible in its congruent whole.

Profit considerations influence which universities receive the pharmaceutical companies' research funds. This financial reality in turn influences the way medical schools educate physicians to think about disease. Of course physicians like myself have very little reason to doubt our educations until our patients begin providing living inconsistencies about how the body heals. Some physicians become tired and invested in the complex's way of doing things. I am living proof of how kind and informed patients can point the way to better methods.

The better methods kept growing and my way kept shrinking until I finally took a long sabbatical, and began to study what the medical textbooks really say about obesity and other middle-aged diseases (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and hormone imbalance). Almost four years later, I am truly shocked about the disparity regarding the sensationalism of what sells and what heals. I maintain that I am not any smarter than the average physician. However, I may have more curiosity than most about inconsistent details. Something inside me drives me to solve the inconsistencies that real live patients provide. This book compiles how one solves the obesity puzzle by putting all the pieces into a logical sequence. Once we become aware of the order to the 'pieces' of obesities creation, focus will allow healing. Diets do not work. Awareness coupled with focus does work.

William B. Ferril, M.D.


"Dr. Will Ferril's book, The Body Heals, and its companion Glandular Failure-Caused Obesity, are excellent reading for both the health care professional and the lay public. His scientific material is presented in a way that is both understandable and compelling. The holistic approach is well outlined for those desiring to become healthier. Outstanding books to be on anyone's bookshelf interested in health and healing."

-Lev (Edward J.) Linker, M.D., ABHM (Founding member and trustee, the American Board of Holistic Medicine, Associated Professor, University of Michigan Medical School, Private practice, Ann Arbor, Michigan)


"Just when I think the next chapter can't possibly be as informative as the last - you surprise me! Fabulous book - I've spent nearly the entire weekend engrossed in your words! So many answers, so many connections. So may pieces woven together. You are a true and gifted healer."

-Chris White, ND

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The Glandular Component

Chapter 2

Mineral Imbalance and Obesity's Creation

Chapter 3

Exercise and Obesity

Chapter 4

More Glandular Secretions That Affect Body Weight

Chapter 5

The Torture Chamber Diet

Chapter 6

Syndrome X:

Chapter 7

The Last Three Hormones of the Basic Seven That Centrally Influence Obesity

Chapter 8

A Deeper Understanding of Steroid Tone and Pressure

Chapter 9

Obesity Has a Component of Causality in Poor Nutrition

Chapter 10

A Trip Down the Digestive Tube

Chapter 11

The Liver

Chapter 12

Obesity-Related Blood Vessel Disease Resulting from Nutritional Deficiency

Chapter 13

The Fear of Real Hormones and the Reassurance of Fake Hormones

Chapter 14

The First Day of Your New Life

Appendix A

Appendix B